iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X – Should you buy it or not?

iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X – Should you buy it or not?

iPhone X is expensive. It has a high price. It’s not innovative. There are only three complaints, in short, of those that have circulated on the Internet in the last week. And they’re not wrong, they’re just opaque.

The iPhone X is the most advanced phone ever made by Apple and here is all that can be said about it. That’s it. A small computer with the best hardware and software options that this company has chosen. That it did well or not, it does not matter, that the product was shown, will be released on November 3 and there will be millions of people who will buy it.

Andy Warhol said, in a praiseworthy context of America, that it was beautiful that created that people: that the poorest and richest citizens would buy the same thing. “[…] you know that the president drinks Coca-Cola, Liz Taylor drinks Cola and, just think, you can drink Cola. Cola is a Cola, and no sum of money brings you a Cola better than the one that even the beggar in the street corner drinks. “

So is the iPhone X and that’s why the price is not big or small. There’s a price and that’s all right. Otherwise, Galaxy Note 8 costs nearly $ 1,000. In Romania, it’s 1,000 euros. And it has a net hardware superior to that on the iPhone X. Nobody seems to have said that to the performance testing programs, that there iPhone X gave everything to Android and left them in empty innovation.

Apple comes up with a single product at a price, and that’s the only one you’ll see (if you like), and Tim Cook and your neighbor, and maybe even a beggar. On Android there are shades and you can always get Samsung to sell a Note 8 at an exaggerated price when Huawei comes with Mate 10 and will be cheaper (probably).

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