FIFA 18 News – Rumors, Release date, Info

fifa 18 news

FIFA 18 News – Rumors, Release date, Info

As you probably know, every year, the EA Sports, release a new version of the popular game, FIFALast year we had some surprises about the previous version, FIFA 17, that brought us some new features like women division, a new and professional look marked Frost Bite engine.

First of all, this year is FIFA 18 year because there are some rumors that says the FIFA 18 will be the best selling product from EA. This franchise is an old one with a great past, but this year they promise us a game that has not been seen before, new graphic, probably a new engine, a more complex game play and some brand new features.

Second of all, we are FIFA fans, this will bring the best results in this article. We can say with certainty that we will provide the best information gathered.

For FIFA 18 we predict that there will be many changes in gameplay, graphics already worked a lot, this will be left for FIFA 19/20. For FIFA 18, EA Sports has worked arbitrators possible when it comes to friendly gameplay would be alright to put and how the penalty when a match ends in a draw with a friend.

As a small conclusion, we will see a new way of gaming here, a new FIFA game with a good built engine. Personally, I just cannot wait to see what they will make this year and how far they will go.

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fifa 18 news

FIFA 18 Details

  • FIFA 18 will have the same engine, Frost Bite 4 engine
  • The best player will remain like the last year, Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Availability : PC, XBOX ONE and PS4 + VR!
  • Rumors that on the cover will have Messi again

Those was the FIFA 18 News that we found all around the web and media. Thank you for your support!

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